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Request to change the "Total items sold" logic in the receipt

Hi Team,

Please consider the below feature request.

In the current version of Windows POS, the total items sold is calculated by Summing the total quantity in the receipt. This is not a good logic, as the quantity can be decimal such as vegetables or any loose items. 

It is always better to sum the total no:of individual items rather then the total quantity of all items sold. Most of the other POS solutions has this logic.

Please implement this logic in the next version.



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Hi guys

Please do not blend it together as suggested above. 

I run promotions were multiple units are priced in packages, and when the kiosks i own sell sunglasses, they have prices based on the number of units and I want my cashiers ringing it up in one line. So if you combine them it will show a count of 1 items regardless of the units sold. This is critical in retail and if your software did not count the units in the cart I would consider it a weakness.

Please find another way to handle the issue above without impacting your traditional retail stores, we care about units sold so the cashier can make sure the items bagged equal the item count

Sorry to disagree poster, not meaning to disagree with the problem just the solution

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