First step:

Did you activate the WindowsPOS Register (activation is available once product has been entered into the system). Please open a ticket and request Register activation.

Second Step:

Once you have received confirmation of activation and your download still does not progress beyond 10%, the cause is usually in the set up on your register. Closed application, power down POS. Open application and reenter your credentials (this covers a number of causes, including incorrect password entered)

Step Three:

If you still cannot load the application, this is usually in the set up of mysql

I recommend that you uninstall mysql, be sure to remove any hidden files. Here is the link to uninstalling it

Then install again, make sure that the mysql password is correctly entered.

Still having problems:

We are available to help load the application for you and get you started with adding your inventory items. This is part of our White Glove program for USD 199. Please let us know if this is something you are interested in.