Using an existing file

If you already have your data, add your data to the attached Item Import Worksheet file. Mandatory fields are prefilled in the headers: you can add optional information including classifications, attributes, and opening balances by clicking on a column in blue and selecting it from the dropdown. Once the data has been completed, save the file as a csv file and its ready to be imported. You can import as many files as you need to.

If you wish to have your file reviewed before you import it, open a ticket here and attach your file. We will review it and get back to you with any recommendations.

Adding items individually

If you wish to add items individually you can do so with an Android phone using mInventory or by using the POS solution to scan and add them

mInventory uses the camera on your phone to scan the barcode and then displays available information on the product. You can either accept or modify this data and add it to your database. If no data is found you will be prompted to manually add it. TabPOS can do the same when you enter items using the Add Item screen

For a description of all the data elements that can be tracked with an item please go here.