This section details how to set up your Loyalty Program

The loyalty program will allow you to award points for money spent or for units purchased. Award any point-to-dollar ratio you'd like.

Which Loyalty Program Type is right for you

NOTE: Loyalty Program is available on the Grow or Pro version. If you are on the Everyday plan, please upgrade

The loyalty program is available on the tablet

The loyalty program is available on WinPOS

The loyalty program is set up on CAS.

Step One:
Enable Loyalty Feature
CAS>Configuration>Company Details>Company Information
Check the Loyalty Program Box>Save

Step Two:
Custom Design your Loyalty program: Define how points accumulate and redemption options

On CAS, set up for the loyalty program is under the integration tab of the configuration menu. 

By default the program will be disabled. If disabled no points totals will be displayed on the emailed or printed receipts.

Setting rules for accumulating points (CAS)
You set how many points will be assigned. You can do one, both or a combination of both. The rules will be applied to all transactions.

Note: Points will be earned based on net dollar/items, not including tax. Refunds will reduce the point calculations.

Setting rules for redemption (CAS)
There is a slider to indicate if the redemption is for merchandise or for a cash reward (the highlighted ones, is the one selected).

After selecting the slider, enter the points for the award and the Item ID (or category) or the Cash amount as applicable.

There is an option for 3 redemption tiers

The redemption must apply to a single item, as you will apply the discount to an item, not to the entire transaction.