Hopefully by now you have explored retailcloud a bit, maybe you have gone onto the web portal and set up your default settings and added a few (or all of your product). 

You may realize that retailcloud has a lot of options and your business may thrive by adding all or many of these features, or you may be a new or smaller business which sees the value of these features somewhere in the future.

This step introduces a couple of the most common features

Discounts - retailcloud has a number of discount options (all may not be available at your application level). Discounts are set up (or modified) on the web portal

  • Your account is set up with a variable discount, which can be applied to a single item in the sale or all items in the sales cart. You set the discount percent at the time of the sale.
  • You can create additional discount on the web portal allowing you to track these discounts to determine effectiveness of your promotional campaign
  • Also available are multi -item discount (such as BOGO or buy 1 for $10 and 3 for $25)

Coupons - retailcloud has a number of coupon options (all may not be available at your application level). Coupons are set up (or modified) on the web portal. Coupons are like discounts except they are for a $ amount (discounts are a % off). 

Reports - reports are available on your device for the current day only. The web portal has all of your sales, inventory, customer, employee, etc reports which can be filtered for specific dates or time or classification such as department or vendor. This is where you have the Sales Tax report and analysis of inventory. retailcloud also as an Android phone application with key performance reports

Downloading your Hardware - Now is a good time to download the application on your hardware. Now that you have items in the system, you can better see the cashier experience and how the system will benefit your business. 

Installing the windows application may be a challenge for some, please remember that we have White Glove to help work through this and any other step that you need our experience to help resolve