The web portal (CAS) has a number of reports that provide tools to better understand your sales from different prospectives. The following are details on each of these reports

Real Time Sales

This report is used to generate sales data. 

The strength of the report is that it gives a snap shot of current sales data, broken down by media tender for a complete recap to be analyzed as needed by management. 

Periodic Sales 

The Periodic Sales report shows UPC level movement for a specified date range. It displays records of sales by UPC, including data on Quantity on Hand and  Pending PO Quantity. 

This report can be useful in calculating replenishment levels.

Total Sales

The Total Sales Report shows data in a matrix format by Royalty and Category Level, SKU and Discount Code.

It produces a Price Level Summary that provides a high-level review of total sales by sales price. 

It also provides a Sub-Category Summary of the items produced by the customized query, enabling the user to determine which items are the sales drivers.

Sales Summary

This report provides an overview of the sales transactional activity. 

It should be used to get a quick overview of number of units sold per transaction, net sales, COGS , margin, coupons, discounts, and # of customer tracked transactions.

Sales Tax Settlement

This report provides a summary by tax codes of the number of items sold as well as the net sales and tax amount. 

This report can be used to aid the merchant in their tax remittance information.