Here are the multiple ways you can add a customer to a sale

tablet POS

desktop POS

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Find Customer Quick Search field:
In the POS quick search field, you can use the customer's Name (First or Last) as well as Phone Number (Full or partial). A dialog box will appear containing those customer records which match the criteria you entered. Note: if the criteria matches multiple customer records, you will get all those that match.
Select the customer you wish to add to the sale, and select the green check mark. The customer's name will populate in the field.

If Loyalty is enabled, and the customer is enrolled, their available points will display in a grey box under the quick pick button. Follow these instructions for redeeming loyalty points in a transaction.

Add Customer button on POS
This button is for creating or modifying a customer record. However, it can also add the customer to the transaction. The Add Customer button can be found on the main POS screen above the cart.For finding an existing customer: Enter the criteria which you wish to use to find your customer and press the blue search button. Continue to next picture for next steps.
For adding a new customerEnter the desired criteria for your customer. First name and email address are required fields. Choose the green check mark when done, and the customer will be added to the transaction. Note: The mobile phone field is the number which can be searched for in the quick search field on main POS screen.

Searching for existing customer: Choose the desired customer record and click on it
Selecting existing customer: The record you selected will populate. At this time you can make any changes to the record you wish, and press the green check mark to save and add customer to the transaction.