Inventory can be received in a number of ways, from a purchase order, receiving on CAS, receiving using Inventory Manager mobile app, or on the Windows or Tablet POS.

This article will get you familiar with receiving on CAS. 

Please note that the item should be created prior to receiving the inventory using this method

Navigating to the Receiving Feature

On the web portal, select the Transactions Tab>Inventory>Merchandise Receiving>Receive Merchandise

Creating a Merchandise Receiving

Receiving merchandise is created by selecting:
  • the vendor the merchandise is being received from
  • the location (which store or warehouse) the inventory is going to 
All locations and vendors will be listed in the drop down boxes. If receiving to a warehouse, checking the warehouse level, and select from the drop down. Enter Remarks as needed (not a required field). 

Selecting the items to be received

Use the item look up by pressing the square with 2 dots, to display the items from that vendor. 

Select the items being received

and Save