The following are known Issues or  limitations

Root Category Limitation:

Category and Root Category Images will be blank

Problem: The Category and Root Category images will be blank in ecwid. In retailcloud we do not have ability to upload images

Solution : Manually upload the images for categories and subcategories in ecwid

Sales Tax Limitation:

Sales Tax amounts collected reporting to retailcloud's Sales Tax Settlement Report

Problem: Tax could have a mismatch on the tax settlement report

Solution : TDB

Supporting Category as a Menu Limitation:

No full support for retailcloud Category as a menu

Problem: Even though we can sync the Department and Categories as top level menus, the Ecwid api has issues with pointing a product to two root categories.  Thus the product is only synced to one top level category. Using Category as root Category is thus obsolete. 


  • Do not use category for Top Level Menu
  • If Category is used, manually delete once the first sync is done

  • Remove the Category Insert and Update triggers so that it doesnt sync