The First Steps

We will walk you through the steps for successfully setting up for account with retailcloud. All areas may not apply, or you may want to implement some in the future, when you see the need within your business. These resources will still be available to implement at any time


What is RMS:

RMS is a single area to customize default settings, such as Store Name, Sales Tax (or Vat), Employee name and passwords. It is located on the web portal or your device.

How do I get to RMS on the web portal

The web portal is located at   (press Login)  It will take you to the login screen (bookmark this page, as this is where you will go for configuring settings, accessing reports, adding employees, etc). Enter your User name, password and Company Code - this is located on your welcome email    

RMS on the Tablet Application and Windows Application

Once you have downloaded your device, RMS is located under the Configuration Settings 

Creating Items

We have a number of ways to add your items into the system.

mInventory - An Android phone application (download from the Google Playstore) and scan your existing barcode labels and enter new items as well. The items will be available on your web portal and POS device (Tablet or Windows desktop)

Importing Items - Using an excel spreadsheet with the information you want on each product, you can import a file into the web portal

Entering Items on WinPOS or TabPOS - Once you download the device you can scan or add each product

Quick PicksSpeed Keys Set up

When it comes to ringing up items for sale on your POS, often you have items that you need access often or that do not have barcodes to scan. Setting up quick picks (for TabPOS and WinPOS) or speed keys (WinPOS only) on the web portal will give your cashiers an easy way to add these items into the sales cart