Release Date: April 3 2017


  • [RCPOS1-788] - Remove $ on the general item calculator pop up
  • [RCPOS1-790] - POS Updater is not working with conflicting mysql connectors
  • [RCPOS1-800] - Enable Salesperson auto select logged in user
  • [RCPOS1-785] - Salesperson to load the default employees loaded
  • [RCPOS1-830] - Option to Disable on screen keyboard
  • [RCPOS1-805] - Special Characters on item and attributes

New Feature

  • [RCPOS1-809] - POS - Discount availability can be specified at Venue Level

Bug Fixes

  • [RCPOS1-792] - Email receipt popup comes up even though no Customer is added to sale in some instances
  • [RCPOS1-804] - Credit Card transactions Updates - receipts
  • [RCPOS1-810] - WinPOS DTP - Debit Refund error message to be explicity for US Market
  • [RCPOS1-811] - POS Master item sync not overriding when item exists in POS after the full reset is done on CAS.
  • [RCPOS1-814] - Pin Entry not working if entered with On screen Keyboard popup
  • [RCPOS1-815] - Transfer (Receive Option) not bringing up pending transfers
  • [RCPOS1-820] - Pax Client sales fail to print receipts
  • [RCPOS1-825] - Ability to disable multiple instances of app at the same time.
  • [RCPOS1-831] - Transaction Level Coupon brings up a variable coupon popup every time.
  • [RCPOS1-832] - Receipt Dropdown for Refunds performance when there are 10's of thousands of transactions.