This process details how to setup a merchant for printing on a secondary printer.

Prerequisites: 2 printers (1 receipt printer, 1 printer that uses standard letter format), 1 POS

On the CAS:

Run this sql update on the merchant AND push the updates to the POS with the push query function.

ALTER TABLE `subcategory` ADD COLUMN delivery_flag INT(10) DEFAULT NULL ;


INSERT IGNORE INTO `accessrights` (RoleID,FunctionID,RightID) VALUES (2,1080,6); 

INSERT IGNORE INTO `accessrights` (RoleID,FunctionID,RightID) VALUES (3,1080,6);

Add or update a subcategory with the Delivery flag checked and make sure it has at least 1 item in it.

On the POS:

When the item is sold that is in the specified subcategory, after the sales receipt prints, a popup will ask the cashier if they want an additional receipt and which printer to send the request to.