retailcloud's mInventory application works on an Android mobile phone, which allows you to start adding and organizing inventory with the ease and convenience of using your own phone. Just scan the bar code and you are on your way. The mInventory application makes collecting initial inventory a breeze. Not only do you have your products in your mobile devices, but these items will be immediately sent to your web portal. If we are unable to find the item for you, or you don't like the description we find for you; no problem just type in a new description or speak it into your phone and it is added into your database.



  • Scan the item, and get product information, pricing, and image. You can also enter your cost on the inventory item
  • Review the information returned to you, and edit any changes you wish to make and save it to your database.
  • This is an easy way to gather your inventory, especially to enter your initial items and quantities. It works great if you need to walk around your store to gather UPC's off of your merchandise.


Click on the icon above to go to the play store where you can remotely add it to your phone

Access the mInventory User Guide