Quick Picks are set up on CAS (web portal)

Navigate to:  Configuration>POS Settings>Quick Picks

Enter your Menu label on the first page (up to 12)

Press the last button "Group Item" to go to the Button set up under that menu Label

You can select 12 items to have available under each or select an entire Department, Category, sub category (or attribute).

To add 12 or fewer items for the Menu Label (Example Socks)

press the "Item Lookup" - button with a square with 2 dots in it. select 12 items (or less). These will populate the page on the right half of the page. Press Save and you will be directed back to the first page and you will get a successfully saves message. Then do the same under each Menu label tab.

To add more than 12 use the attribute option on the second page. Highlight Attribute on the left. select the attribute under each tab and the specific attribute to populate with (example - select subcategory Belt and all items in that subcategory will be shown and available to add to the sales cart)

Here's a link for additional detail: