If you are doing your own installation of windows, please read this entire post before starting the process.

Will the retailcloud POS application run on my PC?

Begin by check the compatibility guide to make sure that your existing windows, java and MySQL versions  are supported. If you do not have MySQL installed the POS application will download MySQL 5.6 for you. If you are running a version other than 5.6 please contact us.

How do I load the application?

Download the POS installer and run it on your PC (please don't actually start this until you have read all the instructions below). See below for links to the version you would like to download

How can I make sure I don't make the most common error?

When the installer is installing MySQL it will ask you for a "root" password, this is a password for the root user of MySQL and it should be something you will remember, please write it down.  We recommend that you do not use the same password as your admin user in retailcloud as that will be something that can change. 

As part of the MySQL installation process you will be asked to re-enter the root user name and password that you created in the previous step. The default MySQL user name will be root and the password is the one you just created and wrote down. If you do not put it the correct user name here the program will not open unless you have activated all rights for that user; and you will have to uninstall MySQL and reinstall it again (using the same password you wrote down)

It's installed. Now what?

The application will complete running and place a retailcloud icon on your desktop. You can now launch the application from there and download it using the username,register number, company code and merchant ID that you received in your welcome letter. 

We know that its fun to get started right away, but if you have not signed into CAS already to change your tax rates, passwords and verified your store address; please do so now using the configuration  tab

Thanks for reading, you are ready to start your installation; if you do not have the time to do this yourself we do have a service where we will do the installation and download for you for $199.

Link: Installer download with detailed instructions

Get your POS application by clicking one of the links below