Checklist Questions

Knowing your responses to the questions below will help you in setting up your ecommerce integration

  1. Do you own your own top level domain. Please pick a subdomain for your site

Reason: Retailcloud web can only be configured to a subdomain

  1. Do you have a website hosted under any of these 40 providers This can be used to embed the shopping cart into your existing site. 

Reason:This is the most preferred way to publishing your cart with your existing design. 

  1. Do you have your own SSL Certificate purchase by you or provided by your website provider

Reason: SSL is a crucial part of web security. It is recommended and advised to have SSL certificate for your domain especially when a shopping site is hosted. This is also mandatory for most payment gateways 

  1. Do you have a Google Webmaster and or Google Analytics Account

Reason: retailcloud online can supply you with user analytics to using Google Analytics Account. This can be set up by yourselves free of cost or you can avail professional services from retailcloud to help with the setup. 

  1. Do you have a sitemap for your site

Reason: It is very important to have a search engine index for your sites and for SEO purposes. 

  1. Do you need help with design for your site

Reason: Out of box there is a starter site with 3 templates (color changes). An intermediate knowledge in css can be useful for DIY setup. Typically when your cart is embedded into your existing site you do not need heavy customization other than color changes to theme. 

Some helpful links for design

  1. Do you need help with hosting the site

Reason : This is only required if you do not have an existing site or a domain name. We can recommend some basic paths to help acquire this or avail professional services for full setup 

  1. Do you need help with Connecting to Facebook Store, Ebay, or other marketplaces or are you comfortable with self directed help links

Reason: One of the great feature with real cloud web is to connect to social commerce without any additional charge. Please visit the above link for the setup or avail professional services for full setup 

  1. Identify how the inventory setup should be done

  • Shared Inventory Pool
  • Dedicated Inventory Pool
  1. Do you want to connect with a POS in your store (tablet or desktop)