[RCCAS1-1542] - Print Barcode on Master Item should allow you to add quantity

[RCCAS1-1544] - Connection handle is not currently associated with a ManagedConnection on ItemAction

[RCCAS1-1545] - Managed Connection Error on GoodReceiptAction

[RCCAS1-1554] - ManagedConnection Error on PeriodicSalesAction

[RCCAS1-1576] - Customer Import - wrong message for name exceeding characters

[RCCAS1-1578] - rconline - Product sync not updating with Category link

[RCCAS1-1579] - rconline - Extended Description should be synced to Ecwid Product as Description

[RCCAS1-1580] - rconline - Promotion to update with rules - Category Limits

[RCCAS1-1583] - Creation of Item from Size brick with longer description fails without error message

[RCCAS1-1589] - Error Message when Generating Bar Code Label