CAS 2018.1.1, CAS 2017.12.3

New Features & Enhacements

[RCCAS1-1626] - Smart Imports

[RCCAS1-1611] - Rebates & Fees

[RCCAS1-1607] - Remember User

[RCCAS1-1608] - New User login - Key Strokes

Issue fixes

[RCCAS1-1566] - Restore points missing some backedup tables

[RCCAS1-1582] - Creating from Size Brick does not properly handle instances where new description is over 50 characters

[RCCAS1-1625] - Modify TimeCard is messing the Timezone settings

[RCCAS1-1628] - Merchandise Receipt Report report gives no data unless fitlers are chosen

[RCCAS1-1629] - Reports - Merchandise Receipt costs displayed wrong on receipt.

[RCCAS1-1630] - Inventory Item Lookup report Sorting by Category

[RCCAS1-1631] - Top Seller report PDF is wrapping around.

[RCCAS1-1633] - Inventory Item Listing report

[RCCAS1-1635] - Inventory History Report not showing up on assign to roles

[RCCAS1-1639] - Removing Customer ID as Primary key to resolve conflicts across pos

[RCCAS1-1642] - Master Item look up fails for special characters

[RCCAS1-1627] - Item History - Sku Search for Sales when ItemID and UPC are different

[RCCAS1-1641] - Multi item discount creation page has an extra box