New Features & Enhancements

Enhanced House Accounts

  • Force Authorization for House Accounts Charges on Point of sale
  • Set Credit Limit for Customers
  • Set Transaction Limit for each Customer
  • Generate Monthly Transaction Statement
  • Generate Monthly Reports by Location, Customer Group / Wholesalers or Date Ranges

Enhanced Customer Display

  • Windows POS Users have ability to add customer display on any 5" screen and above
  • Interactive Video Marketing display app as companion app on Android Tablet POS.
  • Upsell or Display Recommendations on Customer Display on Android Tablet POS. 


  • mInventory can now be used to Manage products. Add or Update your product information through the Mobile app
  • Manage your Inventory count projects through mInventory. 
  • Export the Inventory count projects as adjustment files or spreadsheets and email / share platform ( Email, Messenger, Chat, Whatsapp etc )
  • mInventory is now available to iOS users. 

Other Updates

  • New optional field : Item Alias ID Products / Items and available on purchase orders. This can be used to cross reference a vendor defined id in addition to your existing ItemID and UPC
  • Tips can be optionally enabled or disabled on the Windows.
  • Bargain Price is available on Windows POS. Cashiers are allowed to enter a bargain or final prices after negotiations. A quick handy tool for Flee market and places where negotiation and bargaining is available. 
  • Loyalty Adjustment tool. A handy tool on CAS to adjust your customers loyalty points . These can be used also to award or deduct loyalty points ad hoc.  
  • Many more fixes across the platform