Making a QSR Sale

ADDING Items into the sales cart

The QSR feature is available from the sales transaction page.

Items are selected from the Quick Pick Categories on the left and placed in the sales cart

To add or substitute ingredients, select the item in the cart to modify.

Substituting Ingredients on Items

Click on the item in the sales cart that needs to be modified.

Add additional by pressing the "+"
Remove ingredients by pressing the "-"

Ingredients with modifiers have a drop down to select the substitutes

Add Ons
Add Ons can be added by pressing the Add On + and selecting from the ingredients displayed

Comments can be selected from the pre-defined choices, or spoke into the tabet - or type in

These changes will be shown on the Kitchen Printer

Table and Seat Assignments

You have the option of selecting a table and or seat for the order

The table/seat assignment is printed on the Kitchen Printer receipt