The following are ways to modify your employees time cards, often used for times when they forget to clock out for lunch

On the Win POS or TabPOS

The "Forced Entry" option is used when you need to modify the time or date of the employee in the WinPOS or TabPOS.

The Supervisor needs to enter the login name of the appropriate employee and select the box "Forced Entry".

Next, the supervisor making the change enters their Username and Password. Once logged in, he/she will enter the proper date and time and save.

 - a supervisor can modify the employees clock in/out using the Override

Link for WinPOS additional information:

Link for TabPOS additional information:

On CAS - you can modify clock in/out times in Modify Time Card 

Go to Transactions Tab>User>Modify Time Card

User enters the employee name, the venue, and the store, and then can modify the time and date of the employee's clock in/clock out.

Link for CAS additional information