There are many scenarios which you may need the option to suspend a transaction and come back to it later. An example would be a customer credit card did not process and they wish to return to the transaction after verifying with their bank. Another frequent opportunity would be if the customer forgot to bring their wallet/purse from the car. Suspend/Resume gives you the opportunity to park the transaction and come back to it at a later time to pick up where you left off. Follow the steps below in completing this process.

tablet POS

desktop POS

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Step One: Find and press the button at the top of POS screen that says Suspend.

Step Two: A popup will appear asking if you would like to suspend the sale.
Choose yes if you wish to park the transaction to resume at a later time.
Choose No if you wish to cancel the suspend action.

Step Three: You will get a prompt confirming the transaction has been suspended.

Step Four: When you are ready to recall the suspended transaction, find & press the Resume button at the top of the POS screen.

Step Five: A list of your suspended transactions will appear. Click to highlight the transaction which you wish to resume, and choose the button Resume on the dialog box.

Step Six: A dialog box will appear, confirming that you wish to resume the selected sale. Choose Yes.

Step Seven: The selected transaction is recalled and populated into the POS screen. At this time, changes may be made to the transaction, add/subtract items, apply discounts, or choose tender type to complete the sale.

Other options on the Select Suspended Transaction screen:
When looking for the suspended transaction, you have the option to search the transactions by the Transaction ID # from the receipt, the amount of the transaction, and also the name of the customer. In order to find the transaction by customer, the name of the customer would need to be attached before it was suspended.
Enter search criteria in the desired field, and choose search.

Other options on the Select Suspended Transaction screen:
In the event the suspended transaction will not need to be recalled and completed, you may choose to void the transaction from this screen. Do this by selecting to highlight the desired transaction, then choose the void button. This will remove the transaction from the list of available suspended transactions.