· Explore the other options available to add items - try Minventory to scan existing items using an Android phone app

· Scan items on your POS and if they are not already in the system, add through “Add Item” on POS (this is WinPOS) or add item on the TabPOS

· As you may have started ringing up sales, now is a good time to see some of the options available to the cashier. These vary by device (on the TabPOS) , and on the WinPOS - search transactionsedit item, chat, refund, tax exemption sales, gift receipt. See the attached TabPOS video and WinPOS video

· Reports are available from any web browser and you can see a breakdown of sales by tender type or inventory items for any date/time span needed (the last 15 minutes or the last 3 days, as you need). Log into your web portal and check out the Real Time Sales Report and Periodic Sales Report.

· Tweeking your first round of data input, use the Inventory Listing Report to see how items were entered/importing. Make changes using the Item Maintenance Import (item descriptions are varied cases, add attributes such as color or size, replace in different departments or categories)

Level of Difficulty: Easy to Medium (depends on compexity of item maintenance file)

Time: 15 minutes to 30 minutes

Link to Day 3