Setting up Tab Merchant for EBT and Scale

The following need to be enable for a merchant needing EBT and scale set up

EBT need to flag department for EBT 

alter table department add column EBT int(10) DEFAULT '0';

Currently manual as no UI to add flag - for EBT change flag to 1


Item Extended Info to add forced or embedded weight

Function ID required for this is 1091

insert into `function` (`FunctionID`, `Name`, `Module`, `modified_time`)

values('1091','ITEM_EXTENDED_INFO ','CAS','2017-12-12 15:16:05');

insert into `accessrights` (`RoleID`, `FunctionID`, `RightID`, `modified_time`)


insert into `accessrights` (`RoleID`, `FunctionID`, `RightID`, `modified_time`)




ADD Item Extended on each item that will be weighed (on the Master Item UI)

Support for

Force Quantity ( SKU_TYPE = 1 )

Force Weigh ( SKU_TYPE = 2 )

Embedded Weight ( SKU_TYPE = 3 )

Embedded Quantity ( SKU_TYPE = 4 )

Globally at an app level we should have a configuration to enable these features

Weigh Scale = 1 ( POS Configuration )

Embedded Pricing = 1 ( POS Configuration )

Force Quantity

hen you scan an item if the force qty is enabled then show a popup to enter the quantity . Add the item to cart with Quantity enable .

Force Weight

When you scan an item if the force weight is enabled send a getWeight to scale and get the weight from scale. If the scale is not enabled show an error message

Price/Qty Embedded

When you scan the barcode check if the product starts with "02" or "2"

Here is an example of an EAN13 barcode (0200101002076):


Each of the digits represent information on the item:

02 or 2 - The "header," indicating that the barcode has embedded information

00101 - The SKU/PLU for the item

0 - The sum of the correct digits in a piece of stored or transmitted digital data, also known as the checksum

0207 - The price ($2.07), or in some cases, the item's weight. If the barcode starts with 2 then it is 5 positions

5 - Another checksum of the barcode's previous digits

Setting up the Weight Scale:

On the Tablet device - Weigh Scale Configurations

Go to Configuration>Hardware select Scale

Select  USB option>Pulls up this UI, it will search for scale, click on it to pair

Default values are in paranthesis

Baud Rate ( 9600 )

Data Bits ( 8 )

Parity ( EVEN)

Stop Bits ( None )

Ref weigh scale serial port comm on Android