Here are the multiple ways an item can be added to the cart on tablet POS.

Scanning Bar code or manually entering UPC
This is done using the scan item box on the POS screen.

  • Scan the item using the bar code scanner. 
  • Enter the item manually by typing the UPC into the "Scan Item" field

Utilizing Quick Picks

These are preset menus that can be used for entering items to the cart

  • From the category list on the left side, choose the one from which you wish to find your item
  • A menu will appear showing you the contents from that category
    From this menu, choose the item which you wish to add to the cart.
  • If your options are sub-categories, another menu will appear with items for you to select from
  • Once an item has been selected, it will populate to the cart.

More information on set up & use of Quick Picks

Using the "search Item" dialog box
  • To use the "Search Item" option, type the item you wish to search for in the field with the magnifying box at the top of the screen.
    For this example we are searching for color

  • A dialog box appears with a list of items that contain the criteria which you entered. Find the item you wish to add to the cart.

  • Press the Blue cart icon to add it to the shopping cart.

  • The dialog box will close, and your selected item will be added to the cart