There are several ways to enter inventory into your system. You can sign into the web portal (CAS) and add import a spreadsheet or manually input the items. You can download our free mInventory application onto your Android device and scan the items or you can scan them directly into the point of sale.


Most merchants find that importing a spreadsheet or using the mInventory application are the simplest way of entering items.


Add items individually from the management portal (CAS)

This is an effective method if you can gather your inventory information on a spreadsheet and then import the file. You can obtain a sample download file by logging into your retailcloud portal and download a sample item file from the Advanced User Imports section.


Using this method, you enter each item individually. It’s most effective if you are starting with a minimal number of items and adding more at a future time. This can be done by logging into CAS and navigating to the Master Item screen


      1) SIMPLE MODE - Use the following link, upload your items into the system (Item Import csv file - Simple Mode)


      2) ADVANCED MODE -  Use the following link, upload your items into the system. This csv file includes all of the optional fields available to add on each item (cost, classifications - such as department category category vendor, attributes - such as size color style brand, and other data). Remember that only itemID, description of the item, and sales price are required. (Item Import csv file - Advanced Mode)


Using mInventory (Android Phone)

1. Go to the google play store and download the mInventory application onto your mobile device

2. Sign into the device using your credentials (reference welcome email)

3. Scan the barcode on an item and it will search our databases for a description and return it to you

     If no descriptions are available then you will be prompted to add your own description

Enter your selling, cost price and tax code

     If you are planning on managing your inventory at a class or attribute level you can also add those here


NOTE: Inventory quantities can also be added using this device. To add inventory levels, use the Scanned History report. The Scanned History report can be emailed and used on CAS as a receiving import (receiving can also be done from the POS or CAS).


From the desktop WinPOS

The desktop POS application allow you to enter items using the add item screen or during the transaction flow if the item is not found.



From the tabPOS

The tabPOS applications allow you to enter items using the add item screen or during the transaction flow if the item is not found.

Video Tutorial: