How to create an employee on the CAS Management Portal

You can create an employee, designate their role within the company, and add their password. The employee will use this user name and password to log into the web portal and all devices.

Including their email address is helpful if they forget their password and need a temporary password sent to their email address.



To create an employee, mandatory information includes Name, Type, User Name, Password, and Role. Here's clarification on a few of the fields:

Type refers to the type of employment, selection is made from the drop down options of Permanent or Temporary.

The Email section is for the employee's email address. The email address entered here will be used for forgotten password reset and email alerts (if employee has been set up to receive these)

Enable PIN Entry and PIN:  Check the box to enable the use of a 4 digit pin for logging into the register. The PIN must be a 4 digit numeric code which should be unique to a user, using a number greater than 1000. The PIN can be updated at a later point through modify employee. 

User Name and Password will be what the user will use to login and the temporary password. The user name must be unique to each user and upon first login they will be prompted to change their password, passwords need to be between 7-20 characters alpha-numeric. 

Status refers to the employees employment status, which has the option of either active or resigned. The Modify Employee Rights screen should be used when it needs to be changed if an employee is terminated. 

Each user must be assigned a Role. The options for roles are System Admin, Financial, Accounting, HR Manager, Venue GM . Warehouse GM , Zone Manager, Store Manage, Assistant Store Manager, Supervisor, Cashier, Temp and Client. The Role selected should be based on the default rights that can be found in the Roles and Right section. Roles and Rights are based on the role hierarchy.