Release Date: May 4, 2017


  • [RCPOS1-822] - Improve log in time with Item Image/ecwid
  • [RCPOS1-823] - Duplicate Entitlement Records in POS when a JMS is sent
  • [RCPOS1-842] - Enhanced Performance for Receipt Printing
  • [RCPOS1-849] - Remove the POS Transactions dependency on External Interface for Customers
  • [RCPOS1-852] - Remove Pricebook Dependency on CAS
  • [RCPOS1-853] - Improvements to Loyalty Points Message Transmission
  • [RCPOS1-857] - More Granular Reporting of Transaction Level Coupons
  • [RCPOS1-848] - New Items with New Attributes and Classifications to be downloaded using External Interface AP

Bug Fixes

  • [RCPOS1-819] - Promotional message exceeding maximum characters affects printing of some receipts
  • [RCPOS1-855] - Multiple Item discount failing in some cases
  • [RCPOS1-859] - Scanning the Coupon loses the focus if the coupon is applied at start of transaction
  • [RCPOS1-861] - Resume Issue with Pricebook and VIP Status
  • [RCPOS1-862] - Refund Issues caused with loyalty enabled