From the home screen press the Green Plus button and select Add Item


Scan or enter the Item UPC for the item you want to add into the system.

It will auto populate the ItemID but you can modify the ItemID if you require the ItemID to be different

Note: Most items have the same UPC and ItemID

Enter the Name of the item. It can be up to 50 characters in length

Image: If you have an image of the item, press on the icon and attach the image


Enter information on the item such as your cost and the selling price

Tax: If the item is taxable, select the tax rate from the drop down

Tax Included: if your sales price includes tax enable here

Select or add attributes for the item such as color and size
Clicking on the blue icon will allow you to select from those already created or add new


Save the item by pressing on the Green Checkmark

You now how the item available to sell