Release Notes - retailcloud WinPOS - Version POS 5.3 & 5.4.  5.3 was released to only a targeted customers and this release is a RC for all customers

Features & Enhancements

[RCPOS1-850] - Improved Paygistix Implementation using HTTP

[RCPOS1-887] - Revamped Quickpick Menu

[RCPOS1-881] - Additional Printer ( Large Format ) support for Windows ( Windows Printer )

[RCPOS1-884] - Improved Quickpick workflow for Level 2 & Level 3


[RCPOS1-851] - Permanent Debug option for windows

[RCPOS1-872] - Auto calcualtion of Pricebook with transactions with customers at any point

[RCPOS1-878] - Customer Number with Spaces Fails to attach customer

[RCPOS1-886] - Appending Leading Zero for Excel trimmed UPC's

[RCPOS1-882] - Improvements for touch sensitivity for Credit Card transaction

[RCPOS1-828] - Fixes for Frequent pop up for "Backup not Successful" message

[RCPOS1-858] - Refund Transaction does not total sale amount in some instances

[RCPOS1-868] - Fixes Loyalty - Customer enroll pop up comes multiple times

[RCPOS1-870] - Fixes for Split amount due is adjusted even for CC decline

[RCPOS1-876] - Tax not rounding Properly for decimals in some instances