To integrate an ecommerce site with your retailcloud account you have a number of options:

1) use our direct integration and have your ecommerce site linked to our store inventory so you always know availability. 


    Easy of implementation

    Direct tie on with your store POS system and on line sales

    CAS reports for sales and inventory to analyze 

    Able to embed cart in your existing web site

    Lower implementation costs

    Lower on going license and maintenance fees


2) You have an existing ecommerce cart you want to integrate - we can make our API's available to your development team for integration


    If currently using cart, there's no need to change

Ready to set up retailcloud Online:

Set up Account (or add to existing retailcloud account)

  • If you are new to retailcloud, establish an account with retailcloud at  
  • Notify retailcloud at that you would like an integrated ecommerce site
    • There will be monthly license fees associated with this account (need to set up monthly billing)
    • Determine if you would like to use retailcloud's assistance in setting up the integration (fees associated with this)

The following steps are what it takes to set up the ecommerce integration on retailcloud  

Step 1 - Logging into ecwid from CAS

Assumptions - Catalog is loaded (products, images, classifications are set up on CAS)
Action - Login to CAS and click on Configuration>Integrations>ecwid  Login

Step 2 - Logging into the retailcloud online site

Action -         Enter the credentials as provided by retailcloud

Step 3 - Share Product Classifications with ecwid

Action -     Fill the Inventory/retailcloud configurations

Step 4 - Products, etc are sent to ecwid


Product, Categories, and Discounts  are Preloaded


Choose all the options and Click Setup 

Possible Errors:

Error: Register id shows null instead of a register number.

Reason : No valid license

Error: Sync Failed

Reason : Wrong deployment, Configurations or retailcloud API issue. Check with deployment team and App engine configuration

Step 5 - Products, etc are in ecwid


Success from previous step


Validate the data in ecwid. See if everything is synced ( Products, Promotions, Categories)

Link the ecommerce site with retailcloud

Link:    How to set up the retailcloud online integration

Configuration the ecommerce link with your retailcloud account

Link:  Configuring ecommerce