Set Up:

The prepaid (or layaway) program must be defined. This is done on CAS (Management>Transaction Codes>Prepaid) by the System Administrator or Financial Roles.

CAS - Prepaid (Layaway) Set up

Initial Prepaid Transaction (on POS):

When a customer wants to create a prepaid transaction, this is done from the Sales Transaction Screen (with the customer attached to the transaction)

POS - Prepaid Sale (Initial Transaction)


All Future Prepaid Payments (on POS):

When a customer wants to make payments (or the final payment) on the Prepaid (Layaway) items, this is done from the POS>Transaction>Prepaid screen.

POS - Prepaid Payments


CAS Report - Prepaid Activity Report:

The Prepaid Activity report will give  the user basic information on all of the prepaid transactions. Use the filter criteria to hone into areas of interest.

CAS - Prepaid Activity Report



Please note that enabling STS will allow the user to access STS for more specific payment and balance information