Release TabPOS 2.7

New Features

[TAB-627] - Fees for tabpos

[TAB-611] - Support for Store Credit for tabPOs

[TAB-501] - Gift card Activation & Balance enquiry using an external device

[TAB-617] - Crashlytics SDK Upgrade

[TAB-618] - Tax1 , Tax2 Label Support for Receipts.

[TAB-612] - Update QSR Demo on Tablet with QPick options


[TAB-564] - Restrict TabPOS to be available for phones and smaller devices

[TAB-605] - Zip Code to support outside US Merchants

[TAB-616] - Cursor positioning to scan box after general sale

[TAB-625] - Customer not clearing after suspend transaction is done.

[TAB-615] - Quick Pick Images incorrect for categories