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Reactivate Inventory levels report on TabPOS

I was chatting with one of your wonderful customer service associates because I needed to know if there was a method to have a report to show the total inventory levels for the branch using the tabPOS. What i have my staff do is to check the inventory levels at the end of each shift to show if there are any discrepancies. It would be much easier if there was a report to show all the items and their amount in the branch..quite similar to the inventory balance report in the CAS but obviously I do not want my frontline staff to have access to my CAS.

Also she mentioned to me that this feature was actually available a year ago but was taken off because no one was using it. Would it be possible to bring it back?

Many thanks.


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Hi Brian

We monitor the features our customer uses and sometimes retire when there are not many users. This feature seems to be a one which are starting to get more requests off late. We can certainly understand your concern of giving access to all type users to back office. 

Good news is we are taking this up and going to add it into our newly designed report screens for the Android Tablet POS. It is a few weeks out in development but will soon make its way. 



This is great news! I shall eagerly await for this feature to be brought back.


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