Existing Hardware

Will we be able to use our Epson Printer for printing receipts?

retailcloud supports printers that have 48 column width for receipt formatting, If your Epson printer model is 48 column or can be configured for that you should not have an issue - 42 column printer will print improperly formatted receipts.

Will we be able to use our Honeywell Scanner 'gun'?

WinPOS supports USB keyboard emulation scanners, If your current scanner meets those requirements you will be fine

Data Mapping

We can export files as Application or File..choices = HTML, XML, Comma Separated (CSV), Tab Delimited Text.  

NOTE: our Extended Description field seems too large to export.  Need info in this field.

We can import CSV files, the field lengths we support are as follows

ItemID (15) 
UPC (15) 
Name (50)  
UnitOfMeasure (10) 
Department (50) 
Category (50) 
SubCategory (50) 
Image url (200)
Supplier Name (50) 
Size (50) 
Style (50) 
Color (50) 
Brand (50) 
Season (50)
Expanded Item  (500) 
Size Brick  (50) 

Will we have to supply lists of Suppliers?  Lists of Departments?

You can include this in your item list file for import and will be updated upon importing. You can also update classifications (department, category, subcategory, supplier) or attributes (5 customizable fields) at any time

We currently use a Category field as the items SIZE.  Since you have a specific size field what would we be using your Category for?

You can use category to classify items in any manner you wish, for instance you may decide to classify items by domestic and imported, or by flavors or even by country or appellation. You have three classifications available to you (Department, Category 1 and Category 2) and 5 attributes (Size, Color, Brand, Season and Style) These are default names and can be renamed to suit your tracking points.

Would like to make sure of the fields we can or can't bring over from our system BEFORE we decide to purchase software.

Mandatory fields are: ItemID, Name, SellingPrice, TaxID, you may have advanced fields as listed in this link 


Label Printing

Can we customize label printing So that we can select to print Retail Price, Supplier (abbreviation), constants (ex: a word such as "NOW"),  and the item description?

The type of barcode printed can be either a sheet of labels (such as Avery labels) or ones printed from a roll printer. By checking header display it will also print the header/name on the label. Option that can be printed on the label include 

Item ID,  Item description, Retail price, Department, Category, Size, Color, Style, Season, Brand. 

Can we print RED labels. NOTE: We use a network printer - HP Envy 7645 and Avery 5160 labels?

No you are unable to print red labels using the included printing module. There are third party modules that you can buy if you wish to support additional colors or label sizes.

Were told we could use Avery 5160 labels and print to our network printer?

Yes, This type of label is available as a selection on the option of sheet paper labels. Other options are

Avery 5428 1" X 3/4"( 20 labels per sheet )
Avery 5167 1/2" X 1-3/4"( 80 labels per sheet )
Avery 5663 2" X 4" ( 10 labels per sheet )
Avery 6878 3-3/4" X 4-3/4" ( 4 labels per sheet )

You can get see in-depth instructions and options on label printing here. There is also a size available for reviews (enhanced description field)



Can we process cash transactions if we have no internet.

Yes , we operate in an always on mode, when you process a sale and connection is not available, the sales transaction is processed and stored locally. The system will upload all transactions when connectivity is restored. Transactions that are started on one device and need to be closed on another, as well as transfers and receiving from one store to another will need internet connectivty to be processed.

Age Verification

Can we easily override age verification screen

Yes, you do not have to scan license or id if know customer. See this link for more details.

Can we easily override without assigning 'customer'?

Yes you can, customer is not a mandatory field.

Any automated verification?

You can use a stand alone scanner that can be programmed to read the drivers license and display a Green (age is Good) or Red (under age)


What is monthly cost?

License levels are feature driven. There is a pro version for  $60/mo per register and a grow version for $39/mo per register

What will we be missing if we go with the $30.00 version instead of the $60.00 version?

Generally speaking here are the common  features that are available on Pro but not on Grow - 

  • Unlimited Regions
  • Unlimited Warehouses
  • Purchase Order Management
  • ID Verification
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Layaway
  • Serial Number Tracking & Reporting
  • Advanced Promotions
  • RFID Tags & Monitoring
  • Enhanced Promo Programs
  • Manufacturing
  • Reorder Level Reporting
  • Enhanced user roles and right management

There is a $299.00 White Glove Implementation Fee - What does that include?

retailcloud White Glove Service is priced per register and makes getting started with retailcloud easy. It consists of

  • Remote Download of Software
  • Plug & Play Ready Deployments
  • We will import inventory items, customer, and classification files.
  • Ten Days Free Access to Implementation Specialist (up to 10 Hours of assistance)
  • Training on the POS or Tablet
  • 90 Days of Priority Ticketing and Chats

Is the POS software transferable if we were to sell the store

Yes it is. The new owner can see all your old sales data or you can reset your sales data and just leave them with the inventory and  product information

Transaction Screen

Also please get screen prints of what the transaction will look like when/where the 3.33% is charged. Basically we want to say to the customer ""and the total is $xxx.xx""  (including EVERYTHING) BEFORE we submit the card transaction (giving the customer the chance to pay with cash)

Is the 3.33% a field that we can change if necessary??  As it may be necessary to lower or raise in the future.

The cash discount/credit card surcharge name to display on receipt and % amount are modifiable by you, on the web portal

Customer Info

Understand that customers can be added while we are in the POS system. Can add 1st Name, Email address, phone number

Yes, minimum information to create a customer is "First Name"

Can customer information be saved by scanning a drivers license?

Not able to be done.

What other customer information can the system store? Last name? Address? Zip? Notes? Comments? Multiple phone numbers (ex: Office, Mobile) etc..

Customer Number, First Name, Last Name, Email, address, zip, phone, cell phone, birthdate, spouse and more. See attached for additional information



Can we make a Customer Receipt OPTIONAL ALWAYS?

Yes, you set up the POS to never print a receipt automatically but instead to prompt the cashier for one.

Can you reprint a receipt? 

Yes you can reprint any receipt done on any connected POS. 

On credit card transactions, can the POS be set up to only print the Merchant Copy?

Yes, cashier has a prompt to print second copy (Customer)

Can a batch manually be closed.

Yes a batch can manually be closed on the POS, It will print out a batch total report.


What kind of online support is available 

Live Chat support is available directly from the POS, in addition we also have a solution portal and a ticketing system that can be used. All Chats are automatically emailed. Chat support is available from 6am to 10pm PST.

IS this online support available SATURDAYS?

Yes, it is available 7 days a week.

Items, Receipts & Transaction screen

Length of the Product Name?   We want to see the entire product name on the screen as we are scanning items. In Addition, this also must print on the customers receipt.

Product name can be a maximum of 50 characters and the full name will print on the sales receipt. The sales transaction screen can be resized by the user based on their preferences. They settings are reset when you navigate away from the transaction screen, so they next user can have the default configuration


Is there the ability to save default report filters

No this function is not available currently