Special characters

Special characters are allowed as part of the name of the item, department, category, subcategory, size, color, style, brand, season, and vendor

The allowed special characters

/  &  #  (  )  +  '  "

Not permitted:   !   ,  _  %   ?   @ ; : $ < > [  ]   û (the circumflex on the u)

Also, Not permitted on Vendor (Supplier Name):  -   .  &

Max characters

Max characters in any field is 50. If you have any fields longer than 50, you will receive a prompt. You can then choose YES to truncate the items, or NO to manually find and shorten those items in your file and import again.

Selling Price

If you are are creating the import file and some items have a selling price and others are unknown at this time. Put 0.00 for the ones where you do not know the selling price (do not leave blank).  

Omit the "$" as part of the cost and selling price

Note: If these items are sold and the selling price is $0.00 the cashier will have a pop up asking what is the selling price. This is our Variable pricing option, which is also often used for those items that are sold at different prices regularly

Sales Tax on your Items

Your default sales tax will be automatically applied to your items unless you specify on the import file differently. 

If the tax should be different on some items, create a column on your import file and specify taxID.

File Formatting

Save as csv or txt file

If using our item template with all available data options, remove all columns that are not being used before sending

If using a non windows computer, save the cvs as "cvs for windows"