Getting Started

How do I get Started?

Logging in

Set up Company Detail

Add users and update sales tax rate

Add items to your inventory

Make a sale

Setting up your Product Catalog

Category and Attribute Management
Setting up your Catalog
Taxes and Discounts Overview
Creating and applying taxes
Creating and applying discounts

retailcloud Central Admin System

Reading the DashboardSales and Reports
POS Configurations
Warehouse & Stockroom Functions
Adding Products 
Creating Menu format for Item Display on Poynt
Mobile Apps

Settings & Connectivity

Where Are My Settings Located On The Terminal?
Can I use my phone hotspot to connect to wifi?
How do I reset my pin?How do I switch a user?
How do I change my daily maintenance window?
How do I update my address on receipts?

Reports & nGauge

Which reports do I have access to?How do I see my sales and item totals?
How do I see what stock on hand?
What reports can I run to manage my categories? 
Where can I find my reports? 

CRM and Loyalty

How do I set up Customer groupsLoyalty - Quick Start Guide
Activating the email marketing module
How do I run the Customer preference reports
Most Valuable Customer profiles

Managing your Business

Adding an Employee 
Pin Access versus User name and Password
Resetting your Password