The following are the areas involved in setting up the Pax on the Windows POS

  • Verify that the Pax is correctly connected to the router and that it is on the same network as the WinPOS. 

  • plug in the Pax to load (or update) the Broadpos application 

  • Update the Gateway on CAS (the webportal at to Log in) for that register. You will need the Paygistix Gateway username and password for the Pax unit 

  • Go to POS- verify under Configuration>Settings>Gateway setting that the gateway is set to Paygistix Client and username and password are entered (and payment types are checked that are being accepted) 

  • Check List to complete before calling Paygistix 
    •  Provide IP addresses for devices to be added to Client  
    •  Know your Administrative credentials for router  

  • Call Paygistix to add client (Need to schedule the time with Paygistix on availability of tech help on client set up at 888-972-9564 

  • Verify credit card successful, Did it hit Gateway, did you get authcode, did it print receipt, did it push to CAS