Items cannot be deleted from the system once created, if you wish to do so you will need to inactivate it.Inactivated items can be reactivated for whatever reason in the future.

If you are inactivating the item because you wish to change the description or UPC, you can do that by modifying the item. If you have a large number of them, you can modify them using the Smart Imports. With the exception of the Item ID, all other values associated with the Item can be modified. 

Once inactivated, historical data will continue to appear on Sales Reports, but the item will no longer be available for transactions or on the Inventory Balance Reports.

To inactivate items in CAS

Items can be made inactive from the web portal:

  • Go to the web portal ( and press login (log into your domain)
  • Go to Management>Inventory Classification>Master Item
  • Display the item that needs to be inactive (search, select the item to be made inactive and then press show)
  • Change the Status from Active to Inactive
  • Save