The mPOP needs to be paired (Tablet to the receipt printer). The following are the steps:

  • Verify that the tablet is not currently paired with another device. On the tablet settings, go to Connections, Network Connections>bluetooth 

If currently paired - unpair the device


  • On the mPOP, turn off the power (wait 5 seconds) and turn it back on. The receipt printer should make a little noise and the blue light should be on 


Go to the tablet Settings, go to Connections, Network Connections, bluetooth

The tablet should detect Star mPOP (select this device). (if it asked for a password enter 1234).

If not Successful: Verify that the box next to "My Device" is checked as "Visible to all devices" and try again

If it is successfully authenticated it will be under: Paired devices

Now pair the mPOP hardware with the retailcloud application:

Log into the TabPOS application, go to configurations>Hardware>Devices

For Device select mPOP. A pop up will appear to pair the printer (mPOP Bluetooth Printer Setup) and it says "Printer device not selected". Select the Star mPOP. It will show the "Printer Device Star mPOP Selected and press "Pair Device". It will say "Printer Device Connected". 

If it still says "Printer device not selected", try again (if still failing), exit the pop up by clicking outside of the pop up (to get back to the configuration screen). Go Home and log out of the application. Wait 5 seconds and then log back in and repeat the above steps

Wait 5 seconds. You will see the initializing and pairing messages at the bottom of the screen indicating that the connection has been made. Wait a couple of seconds for the pairing to complete.

Verify by printing a report. If receipt does not printer. It did not pair, repeat the above steps (verify that you have wifi as well)


Note: Pause at each screen on the application to allow for the "Listeners" to detect the bluetooth. This is only necessary when first paired and not necessary again

Tip: Only have one tablet paired to each mPOP