Invoicing allows the user to create and send invoices for payment. Multiple outstanding invoices can be selected to combine into one invoice to the customer of all outstanding invoices. 

Navigation to the Invoice Feature


Filter Options

Users can refine their search of invoices using the following filters

  • Customer - Use the search box or select from the drop down
  • Invoice - Use the search box or select from the drop down
  • Status: Default is ALL, or select status of your search from Draft, Open, Overdue, and closed invoices

The results of the search can be saves as a cvs file, pdf, or Print

Action Options

Users can perform the following actions

  • View Invoice - Displays the invoice
  • Send invoice Email - The invoice will be emailed to the customer
  • Reload Payment Status - An inquiry will be made to search for payment and status will be updated for any changes
  • Download Invoice - Downloads the invoice selected

Navigate to Create Invoices

Users can create an invoice to send to customers for payment. Pressing Create Invoice will direct the user to the Generate Invoice page

Generate Invoices

Users can generate their invoices to send to customers for payment.

Select Entry Method:
Manual Entry -This allows you to create the invoice on the screen
Store Credit - This will use an existing sales transaction, which used the pay mode Store Credit.

Complete Invoice Details
Invoice Number - Mandatory, must be unique
Invoice Name - If omitted, will populate with Invoice number
Customer - Mandatory, enter for search or select from dropdown. Populated address, phone and email from customer record. These can be overwritten for the invoice, Changes will not be saved to the customer record
Term - Option data field
Invoice Date - enter date
Invoice Due Date - Enter Due Date. This field is used when searching for Past Due invoices

If Creating from Store Credit select the the transactions to use (multiple sales transactions can be selected (use shift to add more)
If Manual Entry enter item detail

Press Save or Save and Email to complete

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These reports are helpful to monitor and update outstanding customer payments