This will let you use a Internet accessible printer to print a secondary receipt like a kitchen receipt that is in another network/location.

Disclaimer: Best practices would be to use VPN tunneling to connect to your remote network to print from your POS. Using the following process allows you to print remotely, but it is completely insecure.

Download the drivers for your printer model and unzip them on your computer

Configure your network printer with a static IP address per your printers'/ISPs instructions (using a static IP address) 

Install printer using network option.

    Go To Devices and Printers

    De-select "Let Windows manage my Printer"

    Under Printers Select "Add a printer"

    Select add a network, wireless, or bluetooth printer.

    Select "The printer that I want isn't listed"

    Select "Add a printer using a TCP/IP address or hostname"

        Leave Device Type as Autodetect

        Under address or hostname, enter the IP address or hostname of the printer, portname will fill automatically and leave the checkmark checked

        Click Next

        Select Have Disk

            Select the Make and model from the list

                If the model is no on the list, go to the location of where the drivers are stored.

                Click Next

                Click Replace the Driver

                Click Next

                Give it a name

                Click Next

                Select "Do not share"

                Click Next

                Print a Test Page, it should print

                Click Finish

On the POS add or edit a sub category to use print_delivery flag. When you do a sale with one of these items you will have the option to print on the secondary Printer.