When opening CSV files, lead zeros may be lost on important fields like UPC and ItemID. This can cause for damage of data with your item lists. Follow the steps below to open CSV file for editing, without losing this important data.

Step One: When choosing the file you wish to open, right click on your file, and choose to open with Notepad.

Step Two: Once your data opens in the notepad, right click over the data, and choose to Select All, and then choose to Copy.

Step Three: Open a new workbook in Excel. In column A, First row, right click and choose the option to Paste. This will paste all of your data in the first cell of the sheet.

Step Four: Left click on the Column A to select it. With Column A selected, at the top menu, choose Data. Of the options provided, choose  Text to columns. A dialog box will appear.

In the dialog box, make sure the Delimited is chosen and choose next.

Step Five: In the next step of the dialog box, make sure that only comma is selected and choose next.

Step Six: On the next step in the dialog box, click on the fields which you wish preserve your lead zeros. Commonly this would be the ItemID and UPC columns. You can select both by holding down the shift key while clicking on the columns.
Next, make sure that column data format is set to text for these columns and choose finish.

Complete: As you can see, after following the above steps, the lead zeros in this file have been preserved.