Following these steps will set a surcharge fee to transactions at the time of tender.  The surcharge fee will be attached to the tender type and will be added automatically when the assigned tender option is selected.

Step One: Create the Fee

From your browser go to: https://realtimetotals.com and log in
Go to: Management>Transaction Codes>Fee Settings

  • Logical Name: Give the Fee a name, in this case CC Surcharge. Keep in mind, this will be the name that displays to the customer on the receipt.
    (it can be up to 50 characters).
  • Reason Code: Select the "Tender Based Fee" from the drop down selection
  • Tender Options: Select the Tender options which you want the surcharge fee to apply
  • Fee: Enter the amount for the fee (You can enter a dollar amount or percentage by selecting Dollar or Percentage)
  • Status: This should be active for the fee to be available
  • Choose Save

Step Two: Choose Tender type on POS

Now when you choose the applicable tender type on POS, the assigned surcharge fee will be added each time.

Things to note: The fee will continue to apply to that tender permanently unless the fee is inactivated form the modify transaction process.

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Video on Surcharging  (Shown on tabPOS)