Track the number of cups of frozen yogurt sold, when multiple cups are placed on the scale at once

4 Options

1) Set up each as a package with # of cups as part of the package


Sales by package (Primary Report - Real Time Sales Report)

Inventory by items (Primary Report – Inventory Balance Report). Note: Report is current, cannot set for a past date. User will see the number based on decremented quantity. See option #3 for additional tracking options

2) Sell # of cups

  • Create an Item “Cups”, selling Price $0.01 with 100% discount
  • Each order add the # of cups to the order, these can be speed keys (just press F1 for each cup on the scale). Note: the cup sale/discount is shown on the receipt
  • Use the Periodic sales report to view # of Cups sold, this report can be filtered by date ranges

3) Create a Category “Cup” and add these items to this category

  • Run the Inventory Balance Report, filter by the category, so you are just viewing the current inventory level on the Cups.
  • The inventory report shows current balances. 
  • One way of having historic data is to Adjust inventory on the last day of every month back to “0”. When you pull the Adjustment report you will have the monthly cups. The Adjustment report can be filter by date ranges

4) Create Fee. Create a Fee “Cup” for $0.00.

  • Use the Extended Detail (crv) to automatically add a cup to each sale.
  • For additional “Cups” at the POS add the fee to the transaction for each additional cup.  
  • Note: the cup fees are shown on the receipt (name of item: “no of” name of Fee “cups” – so the sales receipt says “No of Cups”, with a separate line item for each cup)