The scheduler is available on the TabPOS or web browser. Great for Salons, or other business that accepts appointments

Where to access on the tablet

From the Home Page, press the cloud icon in the upper left of the screen or swipe the screen from the left inward to pull up the menu options

Press on the Scheduling Icon to access the Scheduling Feature
Schedule An Appointment for a Customer

From the Icon on the bottom right, access the Add Appointment

Enter Customer Detail
Name. Select from existing customers or add new
Customer Phone: Optional Information
Customer EMail: Optional Information

Enter Appointment Detail
Appointment Date - Press in the space to pull up the calendar, select date
Appointment Time - Select time (5 minute increments)
Slot: Enter thew length of the appointment (from 10 min to 5 hours)
Service Details: enter details of the services that will be performed
Preferred Stylist: select a stylist from current employees
Notes: Optional area for additional information

Search and display existing appointments for All or by Stylist

From the Search bar enter the employee name (or All) and search by the date range dropdown options

Appointments can be displayed in list form or calendar grid, as selected from the icons on the right, on the search bar

Check In Customers and Update Status

Click on the displayed customer appointment and the checkin will display on the right

Status can be changed from Check In to one of the following:
 Complete, Cancel, No Show

Show History:
Displays past appointments

Save - Save any changes

Check Out

Check Out takes you to the Sales Transaction Cart to complete the transaction.

The Customer is attached to the sale, just enter items and services and complete the transaction as usual