This article will tell you how to program a static IP address into an Android tablet in case you need one (as opposed to a dynamic address using dhcp). Though the first couple of screens apply to Elo devices (gaining access to Android settings) the rest of the article can easily apply to almost any Android device.

On your Elo device press and hold both the Home and Power buttons on the back of the tablet to bring up the Control Panel prompt. Enter the Control Panel password and press OK.
When you are past the password box, select the middle icon on the bottom of bar that resembles 4 tiny boxes in a square configuration. Click the Settings Icon.
In the Settings Icon scroll to WiFi and open it. Find your wireless Network by name in this list and long-press the name.
In the next box, press "Modify Network".
In this configuration box, tick the box called "Show advanced options".
In this box you will configure your network information, including your IP address. Click Save when finished.