One of the easiest ways to receive new inventory into your point of sale is by using retailcloud's SMART IMPORT


It's as simple as drag and drop of your Receiving file 

Where do I access the Smart Import

Log into CAS and navigate to Utilities>Smart Import

1) Chose an Import Type - Select Inventory - Receiving
2) Press the Download Sample csv and use this file for your import
3) Drop the saves file in the Drag/Drop area
4) Once the Smart Check is complete, enter your email to receive status of the import

The Import File Tips:
Do not change the prepopulated headers

Function: Keep as Receiving
Date: Enter date as MM/DD/YYYY
Location Type: enter 0 if receiving to a store
                         enter 1 if receiving to a warehouse
Location ID: enter Store ID or Warehouse ID (enter 1 for single location).
If multiple locations obtain from Listing Hierarchy ID report
PO: enter Purchase Order # if application, leave blank otherwise
Freight: Enter amount of freight applied per item. Amount applied to cost
UPC: Enter the UPC for the item being received
Quantity: Enter the quantity being received

Save as csv file

TEMPLATE FOR RECEIVING SMART IMPORT (Do not move, remove or modify the headers. They must remain as shown on the template) - See Attachment