Use the Configuration General settings to configure your cashier and customer experiences:

The settings are breakdown into Transactions, Checkout, Inventory, CRM, and System


    Enable QSR Mode: Used for Quick Service Restaurants to allow for modifiers and table/seat management

    Enable Decimal Mode: Allows for items to be sold in decimal numbers (such as bin sales where quantity sold may be 1.45 lbs.)

    Enable Negative QOH: Sales can be made on items when there is no quantity available (carry a negative Q)

    Enable Verified Refund: Requires a valid receipt to process a return/refund. If disabled, cashier is able to refund any item

    Auto sync on DSR: When enabled, sales transaction data is sync to the web portal when the Daily Sales Report is run. Recommend: Enable

    Multi Item Discount: Feature available on the Pro license level (to allow for discounts such as BOGO, buy 3 get 1 free, etc)


    Enable Auto Print Receipt: Disable if capturing signatures on EMV device

    Enable Signature Capture: Enable if customer is signing on the tablet to be saved on the payment gateway portal

    Enable Tip: Allows for Tip

    Enable Easy Pay: If enabled, qualifying transactions will not be prompted for signature (as set by Visa/MC)


    Hide Quick Pick OOS: If enabled, Sales screen will not have quick pick menu displayed

    CRM Builder: If enabled, prompted for customer to be added to the sale after the transaction


    Purge Data:Enter the # of transaction before the prompt to purge displays

    Sync Interval: Set the frequency of the call to sync transactional data