Use the Configuration Device settings to configure the following (select from the tabs along the left):

These settings are helpful for setting both the cashier/user display views as well as the customers check out experience

View Mode: Sets how the screens are displayed.

    Enable Grid View: The Item screen can either be in a grid or item icon view

    Enable Quick Pick View: Transaction screen to display quick pick menu or not

    Enable Transaction Screen2: Two options as to how to display items on the sales screen

    Arrange Items by: The Item screen will be displayed by the classification or attribute selected (default is style)

Consolidated Checkout: If using on screen checkout, 1 screen to complete sale checkout

Customer Facing Mode: If using on screen checkout, prompts are oriented for the customer to complete the sale

CDS: If using a Customer Display (secondary customer facing tablet), configure the 3 "Add on" items to display on the screen for the customer to add to sales transaction